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About us

Everhale Since 2018

Everhale is committed to helping people live life to their full potential
with premium, natural supplements that’s affordable, convenient, and accessible to all.

Our Journey, Our Science
Everhale Consumer Health is a subsidiary of Everhale Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd - Located in the State of Kerala, India, our nutraceutical facility is nestled amidst one of the most luscious green parts of the world. StretchN’Flex is founded by strong, independent women who dreamed to help people, especially women, combat arthritis and joint related pain – by harnessing the healing power of Nature!

What we wanted to change?
We were surprised to learn that the only way to manage arthritis symptoms was through harmful prescription drugs, NSAIDs, and pain-relievers — which can take a toll on your body! That didn’t sit right with us. Shouldn’t there be a more Natural, Healthy way to boost joint health?

Also, women have a significantly higher risk for developing arthritis, particularly osteoarthritis – which limits their potential in life. As women entrepreneurs, who want to help women overcome joint issues so that they can live a full life.

Our Approach
We decided to create a joint supplement that’s made entirely with natural ingredients, even if it was difficult. We would source premium quality, clinically validated ingredients - Curcumin & Boswellia serrata - from directly from the lap of nature. So, StretchN’Flex is out-an-out Natural, sans any chemicals!

Our Values

  • Only Natural - We believe in harnessing nature’s healing power
  • Premium Quality - We use the highest quality ingredients with the best bioavailability
  • Transparency - We’re committed to share detailed information about our product
  • Customer Comes First - In everything we do, the health and well-being of our customers tops everything else